Necessary Outlet Launches - Let's Make Stuff

Necessary Outlet productions is ecstatic to announce its birth.  The completely non-profit studio strives to connect non-professional talent in order to develop each community member's creative visions. 

The studio operates on a basic assumption: that there are many people out there who trained in various art forms in their youth - be it professionally, semi-professionally or as a hobby - who have found other ways to pay the bills, but still have untapped, creative ambitions.  

You might have joined a community choir.  You might be taking a weekly dance class.  You might visit a cafe on the weekends to write or sketch.  You might have become just a patron of the arts and later dream about being part of the creation.  

That's the itch we want to scratch.  We want to help you execute your own visions their fullest potential.

Necessary Outlet is geared to foster a collective of curated talent in need of a volunteer community to help create their visions.  The studio is a 100% labor of love for those craving an outlet, not a career.  All projects are creator funded and any proceeds will be donated to a charity of the creator's choice.

We're starting small.  A handful of talented non-professional actors, musicians, writers and dancers.  An assortment of HD photo/video equipment, semi-professional lighting rigs, music production equipment, music and script composition software and a boat load of ideas.  

Do you sing?  act?  dance?  play an instrument?  write?  photograph?  draw?  design?  paint?  construct?  dj?  compose?  Do you have an idea?  Have you always wanted to make something but you didn't have the resources, experience or volunteers needed to really do it and do it well?  

Then join the Necessary Outlet community and let's make it happen together.

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Necessary Outlet launches with its first production already on the calendar.  "more." - a cabaret presenting songs of ambition, longing and desire - comes to The Duplex Cabaret Theatre, NYC on Friday, March 18th.  Advance tickets can be purchased through the link embedded in the banner or on the homepage.  ALL proceeds from this production will be donated to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

And we have more on the way very soon, including our first music video!  Follow @NecessOutlet on Twitter and Instagram, and like our Facebook page, for updates on our productions, sneak peaks and of course forthcoming video content.

Submit YOUR ideas to along with a short summation of your own training and ambitions, and let's see what we can do.

Not sure how to contribute?  We'd love if you started by being an audience member and help us spread the word. 

Let's make stuff.