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One year later, Jamie (Jack Tracy) reconnects with Collin (Misha Osherovich), starts a new romance with Stephen (Roger Yeh) and navigates his on-the-rocks friendship with William (William Cohen). Season two of History is an LGBT story about love, loneliness and the family you choose.


All six brand new episodes start streaming September 22nd.


Jack Tracy as Jamie
William Cohen as William
Jacob Seidman as Matthew


Carissa Fales as Catherine
Connor Lounsbury as Gio
Bianca Lyn as Bianca
Trent Stone as Ted


Roger Yeh as Stephen

written, directed, edited & mixed by Jack Tracy

art, lighting and wardrobe direct by Joseph Gray Paquette
casting by Frank Leone & Jack Tracy

executive producer Jack Tracy
producer Joseph Gray Paquette
associate producers Bri Castellini & Frank Leone

features "Together" / lyrics by Jack Tracy / music by Adam Magnacca & Jack Tracy

History SEason One

Void [Ep 1] - Jamie (Jack Tracy) jumps right out of a five year relationship into the arms of Joshua (Scott Mandel).  Long time friends Bianca (Bianca Lyn) and Catherine (Carissa Fales) grow concerned. 

Apartment 8 [Ep 2] - Fresh off the rebound, Jamie (Jack Tracy) throws himself back into the dating world, meeting Ezra (Andrew Holder) and William (William Cohen), while also calling on an old hookup (Mike Longo).  But the emotional impact of the recent breakup forces him to understand his impulse to engage in no strings sex.

The Bad Guy [Ep 3] - Jamie (Jack Tracy) starts new friendships, meeting Matthew (Jacob Seidman) and Gio (Rob Maitner) at a Pride party, and steers his relationship with William (Will Cohen) to friendship.  But when Jamie meets Matthew's friend circle, he finds Brian's (Cameron Moir) treatment of his boyfriend disgusting, yet familiar. 

Saying Yes [Ep 4] - Jamie (Jack Tracy) skirts William's (Will Cohen) questions about his old friend group and apartment move.  After William explains his view of friendships, Jamie makes a choice.

Masc Only [Ep 5] - Jamie (Jack Tracy) brings William (Will Cohen) and Matthew (Jacob Seidman) to Ted's (Trent Stone) RuPaul's Drag Race viewing party.  In the midst of Jamie's struggle over whether he can be the "top" in a relationship, William's Grindr profile hits a sore spot. 

Letting Go [Ep 6] - When Jamie (Jack Tracy) and Jared (Andrew Lipson) end up on the same train, Jamie seeks advice from his friends on what to do, and answers to why he's still so angry.  

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