Grueling hours. Scary bosses. Flying staplers. Can new paralegals Pete, Julian, Pengyu and Zara survive two years in "Big Law"?

All new, 6-part LGBT comedy web series from Necessary Outlet.

Episodes streaming on YouTube, Vimeo and links below!


Pete (Brandon Salerno) starts on his first day as a paralegal at Stark Arkob Wilby & Hammerschmidt. Pengyu (Matheus Ting) is skipped over for doc review as he "would not survive the night."

Santos (Greta Quispe) airs a special message from Wilby (Lewis Gardner). Pete (Brandon Salerno) did not go to U. Penn.

Pete (Brandon Salerno) discovers the paralegal annex. Alan (Chris Woody) explains the "sweaty meat smell."

Zephyr Coal's recent mine collapse has lead to multiple deaths and massive liabilities. Pete (Brandon Salerno) is put in charge of sandwiches.

Zoe (Alexandra Rey) wants to throw chardonnay at her enemies, Gomer (Sean Connelly) wants his papers stabled correctly and Persephone gives birth.

The gang airs complaints to HR. Zoe (Alexandra Rey) gets her aperol spritz.


Brandon Salerno and Alexandra Rey

with Adam Magnacca, Matheus Ting, Freya Thunderheart, Jaye McBride, Greta Quispe, Chris Woody, Jack Tracy, Anne Tempte, Sean Connelly, Nicole Rigo and Lewis Gardner

featuring Matthew Rini and Kara Boland

created and directed by Jack Tracy

assistant directors Sarah Denison and Justin Schlabach