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Fan Letters/Comments

It just keeps getting better and better!
— Marty Chabot (YouTube)
Can not get over the quality of your productions, imaginary/creative content, and your acting skills. Thank you for these videos and look forward to many more. Continued successes and happiness!!!
Again, I can not get over your talent and creativity - writer, singer, actor.... list goes no. Impressive!! Wish you the best. If I was in NYC, I would hunt you down.... think it would be interesting to know a person like you. You are valued by many, my friend!
Can not wait to see future productions! LOVE your work and again, thank you!!
— John Indy (YouTube)
Love this series.... so much to learn
— Oliyade Harrison (YouTube)
great clip guys ... I´ve missed those snarky dialogues!!!
— docstef MD (YouTube)
We’ve been waiting for to long.....wow. (with big smirk on my face)
— Alexander Ramirez (YouTube)
You’re giving me the feels big time! Plus it’s so damn funny!
— Bill Morton (YouTube)
Love the show
— iceman26426 (YouTube)
Yay!! I love this ending. ... Soooo good. XO
— BrainyBoobyBeachGirl (YouTube)
This looks incredible. Ready for another emotional roller coaster ride. Thanks in advance to the entire cast and crew for giving us another thought-provoking season.
— se92692 (YouTube)


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New season of History is out and we’re hooked
— OutBuzz
I saw the first season of History at a web film festival. It was considerably better than the rest of the stuff. ... It was so real. It floored me. It was like the clips they play at the Oscars just before announcing a winner, it was that good.
— MyGayToronto
This season the flashbacks are meant to tell us what “love” is for Jamie. In exploring Jamie’s past, especially his relationship with his mother, we see how his ideas on how love is shown and received were formed by that fundamental loving relationship.
— Jack Tracy to Diversity Rules Magazine